Sensai – Expert Items – Refreshing Eye Essence (Refill)
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Sensai – Expert Items – Refreshing Eye Essence (Refill)

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RFRESHING EYE ESSENCE refill. A serum with a silky gel texture, equipped with a nickel-free stainless steel ball applicator for perfect application and which, gliding gently on the skin, refreshes the eye contour and forehead. Formulated with Total Eye Complex and Koishimaru Silk Royal™, relaxes and minimizes expression wrinkles and fine lines, promotes cellular energy metabolism and improves skin tissue firmness. Gives hydration and brightness for a more relaxed look.

Format 20ml.

Directions for use : in the evening, at the end of the skincare treatment, first apply REFRESHING EYE ESSENCE using the application method indicated in the package and continue with the application of MELTY RICH CREAM thanks to the special massage always recommended in the package. In the morning, apply only MELTY RICH EYE CREAM at the end of your daily skincare routine.