Gritti Venice

The history of the brand begins in 2009 with the first perfumes with the name of
Gritti family. Luca Gritti, the nose behind all fragrances, created the Black
Collection that includes bestsellers such as 19-68, Decimo, Rebellion.

A few years later, the White Collection was presented in which the perfumer explores the different aspects of femininity through the most captivating families of fragrances: floral, fruity and gourmand.

After the worldwide success of Chantilly, Rebrodè and Macramè, the brand has launched I Turchesi Collection, a tribute to southern Italy. Pomelo Sorrento soon became the bestseller; its vivid character represents the new standards of luxury perfume made in Italy.

The quintessence of Gritti Venetia is the Gritti Privé selection, dressed in velvet
and 24-karat gold. These bold, rich and eclectic perfume extracts represent
the Italian style.