Sensai – Expert Items – Melty Rich Eye Cream (Refill)
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Sensai – Expert Items – Melty Rich Eye Cream (Refill)

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Refill of MELTY RICH EYE CREAM. A cream with a rich and pearly texture that warms up the eye contour area thanks to the application with a special massage technique. Formulated with Total Eye Complex, Hydro Optimiser Complex and Koishimaru Silk Royal™, it reduces puffiness, dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines while maintaining long-lasting hydration. The pearlescent pigments illuminate the eyes giving a visibly more relaxed look.

Format 15ml.

Directions for use : in the evening, at the end of the skincare treatment, first apply REFRESHING EYE ESSENCE using the application method indicated in the package and continue with the application of MELTY RICH CREAM thanks to the special massage always recommended in the package. In the morning, apply only MELTY RICH EYE CREAM at the end of your daily skincare routine.