Erno Laszlo – Firmarine Face Bar - Danae Profumeria
Erno Laszlo – Firmarine Face Bar - Danae Profumeria

Erno Laszlo – Firmarin Face Bar

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Firmarin Face Bar is a cleansing soap. Its rich formula cleanses, softens and tones the skin. The gradual release system of Spirulina Maxima, gives the skin more hydration, cellular energy and epidermal immunity. The two-phase system with micro encapsulated formula is a unique delivery system that transforms the dermocosmetic bread into a real high quality treatment. Firmaren Face Bar contains an active ingredient, Spirulina Maxima, and other ingredients enclosed in micro spheres that do not undergo the effect of rinsing.

In fact, these small spheres adhere to the skin and release the active ingredients in a progressive and constant way, penetrating into the deepest layers of the skin, remaining in contact with it even long after using the product. This system allows the skin to benefit from a greater and deeper permanence of the complex it contains. Ideal for very dry to normal/combination skin.

Format 100g.

How to use:
Fill the sink with sufficiently hot water. Immerse Firmare Face Bar in it and then gently massage it into your face. Dip the soap back into the water and create a lather with your hands. Apply this foam on the face and neck by massaging. Then rinse using Dr. Laszlo's “Splashing” technique. Dab the face with a soft towel and proceed with the specific treatments for your skin type. For best results use in synergy with the Firmare range.