Who we are

Danae Profumeria has a history that began almost 100 years ago, when Vincenzo Destito, grandfather of the current and homonymous owner of the boutique , had opened a barbershop and men's salon in the same place.

At that time in Corso Umberto I, 146, Mr. Destito's Toilette Room was a place where many men of the Ionian Pearl relied for hair care and beard care. Ultimately, 1925 was the year it all began .

In the 60s , Soverato became a popular destination for national and international summer tourism. Its beaches, its clubs and the warmth of the people who lived there encouraged anyone to visit this beautiful country in Southern Italy. The Toilette Room had now given way to a perfumery, still run by the Destito family, who this time sold us perfumery and cosmetic products for women .

Towards the end of the 80s , the shop was completely transformed: Vincenzo Destito, the nephew of the first owner of the establishment, took over the reins of the boutique and personally took care of the selection of top quality cosmetic and perfume brands for both women and men. men, renowned brands in that moment of economic and social boom . At that point, the perfumery renamed itself "Danae" ... and this too has its reason.

As the current owner tells us in an almost fairy-tale story, when he met his wife in a small town near Barcelona, ​​Spain, she introduced herself under a pseudonym that became the name of the boutique . Danae would become his wife and, as an auspicious symbol, the name of his business in Soverato.

In 2010, the shop underwent a complete renovation which allowed all customers to immediately grasp the essence of perfumery. Now, all the brands that housed the shop were exclusive and suitable for an audience that knew how to appreciate excellence , and that saw face and body care as a lifestyle to feel good about themselves.

At that point, most of the brands that we still sell and distribute in Danae Profumeria arrived: Sensai, Erno Laszlo, Clive Christian, Parfums de Marly, INITIO Parfums Privé and many others. Danae Profumeria also has the honor of being an official 2021 member of the SISLEY PARIS Platinum Club .

Currently Danae Profumeria is a shop known throughout Italy for its exclusivity, excellence and professionalism .