Tiziana Terenzi – Draconis
Tiziana Terenzi – Draconis
Tiziana Terenzi – White Fire - Danae Profumeria

Tiziana Terenzi – Draconis

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Draconis is the star most similar to the Sun known in the celestial system and has always been shrouded in the mystery of life around it that scientists from all over the world are still looking for today.
A magical star therefore, and mysterious just like the fragrance that is inspired by them. From Draco's olfactory pyramid here is another Stella di Luna from the Tiziana Terenzi collection that explores the infinite wonders of the multiple combinations of its precious natural molecules!
A dizzying balance between opposing and complementary scents that open with sparkling and fresh top notes, characterized by the powerful Calabrian Bergamot and the precious Sicilian Grapefruit enriched by Matera Lemon and Basilicata Neroli.
This citrus and floral head embraces the spices with unusual intensity where echoes the Juniper of the Alps combined with Black Pepper and the very rare Green Pepper, blended with the opulent persuasiveness of Bourbon Geranium.


HEAD: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon, Neroli.
HEART: Geranium, Juniper, Black Pepper, Green Pepper.
BASE: Vetiver, Amber, Patchouli, Olibanum, Musk.