Tiziana Terenzi – Cas
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Tiziana Terenzi – Cas

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This creation takes its name from the famous star known as Cas, which means "the divine hand". A variable intensity star able to give off different light and to hide from distracted eyes, showing itself only in its full magnificence, to expert explorers, to those who have the soul to see and not just to look casually, for those who know how to cast their inner self beyond appearance.
Just like the star from which this precious essence takes its name, it too reveals itself and illuminates only the true experts and lovers of the refined: to the experts of unique and artistic perfumes. Paolo and Tiziana have broken down the olfactory pyramid of the famous Cassiopea fragrance, to search for new hyperbole in the journey towards infinite beauty, building new harmonic and stylistic balances of the molecules, in order to draw a new route in the search for beauty.
Thus we find a "variable" beauty of intensity, because it is a beauty that remains hidden until the fatal moment of its most powerful and luminous explosion; a beauty that is revealed in the sensual dance reverberated by its own light that only she knows how to magically generate.


HEAD: Rose, Black Pepper, Pink Pepper.
HEART: Agarwood, Green Pepper, Birch Wood.
BASE: Vanilla Beans, Ambergris, Musk.