The Spirit of Dubai – Roeya
The Spirit of Dubai – Roeya
The Spirit of Dubai – Abraj - Danae Profumeria

The Spirit of Dubai – Roeya

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Your Window to the World of Tomorrow is a powerful mix of elegant notes that ups the ante on your vision of the future. Think top notes like neroli, cashmeran and mandarin, with oud, ambergris, ambrette and fir at the base. Orange blossom and sambac jasmine are some of the lilting heart notes that play with the senses. Always one step ahead of the curve, the progression of the scent - all at once, woody, spicy, floral, amber - is inspired by the sands of time.

Head: Cashmeran, Amber, Mandarin, Neroli, Tuberose.
Heart: orange blossom, papyrus, saffron, sambac jasmine.
Base: oud, ambergris, ambrette, fir.

Olfactory family: woody - spicy - floral - amber.