Sensai – Expert Items – Dual Essence - Danae Profumeria
Sensai – Expert Items – Dual Essence - Danae Profumeria

Sensai – Expert Items – Dual Essence

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This biphasic elixir hydrates the skin giving it a new radiance. Formulated with a blend of SENSAI's proprietary anti-ageing ingredients, Koishimaru Silk Royal™ and botanical oils, it leaves skin feeling firmer, smoother and nourished. Once shaken, the light and silky texture blends perfectly with the skin. Sublimates the luminosity of the skin and redefines the facial features. The first EXPERT product.

Format 30ml.

Benefits: With two formulas in one, the two-phase technology offers the benefits of an oil and an essence. The oil phase helps to soften the skin, while the essence phase hydrates it allowing the perfect distribution of the active ingredients. Shake the product to blend the two phases and give the skin a boost of freshness thanks to a soft and silky texture.

Directions for use : use in the morning and/or evening after applying the SENSAI lotion. Gently swirl the formula, then massage into the face with your hands. It is possible to mix 1-2 drops with a SENSAI moisturizer to complete the beauty ritual. Apply to body and nails to add a touch of luminosity and a silky effect.

ORIGINAL MASSAGE TECHNIQUE: Start by applying the oil to the cheeks, then place fingertips under the cheeks and gently massage in upward motions towards the forehead. Repeat several times. Finally, perform light upward movements on the cheeks with the palms of the hands.