Sensai – Comforting Barrier Mask
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Sensai – Comforting Barrier Mask

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A simple and non-aggressive treatment for delicate skin. The SENSAI Layering Barrier formula uses an approach that is not only kind to the skin but highly effective. Applied as the last step in your treatment routine, it enhances the skin's natural ability to hold. In this way it helps the skin defend itself from dehydration, redness and roughness. Each application is a step towards a perfect SILK SKIN. Its creamy texture melts easily on the skin giving hydration.

Format 60ml.

Directions for use : take an adequate quantity of product with the appropriate spatula,
place it on the hand, then apply all over the face as the last step of the skincare routine. It can be applied several times to particularly dry skin areas.
The product can also be applied in the morning.