Jusbox Perfumes – Visionary Eye
Jusbox Perfumes – Visionary Eye
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Jusbox Perfumes – Visionary Eye

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Created by the creative genius of master perfumer Dominique Ropion, Visionary Eye is a perfect stylistic synthesis between traditional compositions and original accords. An innovative balance of essences and contrasts, a creative tension, a hybrid exploration between the powdery tradition of iris and the avant-garde notes of absinthe. The spicy note of Ceylon LMR cinnamon bursts into the stillness of lavender, paving the way for the triumph of the distinctive notes of iris.
It is the vanilla accord that seduces the aromatic wood of the sandalwood which binds to the musk in the base giving life to evanescent, powerful and unforgettable sounds.

HEAD: Bergamot, absinthe, Spanish white thyme.
HEART: Ceylon cinnamon LMR, lavender, iris (Orris Ultimate MD LMR).
BASE: Sandalwood, vanilla accord, musk.

Berlin is the sanctuary capable of revealing its aesthetic essence to the artist. History and tradition with their charm and cultural load illuminate the thought that gives the world a new vision, a new form, which unites and overturns every tradition and every certainty.