Jusbox Perfumes – Night Flow - Danae Profumeria
Jusbox Perfumes – Night Flow - Danae Profumeria
Jusbox Perfumes – Night Flow - Danae Profumeria

Jusbox Perfumes – Night Flow

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It is the lyric of the night, when the universe reveals itself and lets itself be perceived, in all its secret nuances, by those who do not surrender. When conflicts become poetry, dissonances become harmony and tension vanishes in the creation of a new dawn. The Master of Ceremony is Julien Rasquinet who creates a eurythmic, intense, irreverent composition for Night Flow. The explosive incipit of the spicy notes of LMR pink pepper and saffron abandons itself to the intense sweetness of raspberry. The sensuality of LMR osmanthus and the warm soul of davana essential oil are the faithful companions of the Queen of the night, the sambac jasmine note. The precious accord of ambergris joins the powerful dark-bohemian accent of patchouli oil in an extraordinary freestyling of leather and Tolu balsam. The gloomy splendor of the night where the divine takes shape.

Head: saffron, raspberry, LMR pink pepper.
Heart: LMR osmanthus, Davana essential oil, LMR sambac jasmine.
Base: ambergris accord, patchouli oil from Indonesia MD LMR, leather accord, Tolu balsam.

On the playground between Valentine Avenue and 183rd street in the black heart of New York, Grandmaster Caz and Disco Wiz are the masters of ceremonies ready for their "Beat Battle". A metric of bass and drums spins on the turntable. It is the twilight of any day in the summer of the big apple and while the groove of the Master of Ceremony is the law of the block party, the vinyl begins to slow down until it stops. The lights of New York go out one after the other, in a universal writing. Black Out. Nothing will ever be the same again. Rap, day 1.