Eolie Parfums – Eolia
Eolie Parfums – Eolia
Eolie Parfums – Eolia

Eolie Parfums – Eolia

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” [...] Aeolus conceived Aeolia on a stormy night. She had no girlfriends or friends, and she spent her days alone in
devise traps of all kinds for the family. […] Until one day Eolia met, behind a hedge, a gentle-looking shepherd boy, who was none other than the god Mercury in one of the
its many forms. He handed her a magic box […].

Thanks to that casket, now aware of her beauty and the exceptional fragrance that enveloped her, Eolia abandoned her grumpy character and from that moment she was the most beautiful, fragrant and desired girl in the kingdom.

The story ends like this but we don't know how and why, the magic box sheet flew around the islands for years and centuries until a lady picked it up and followed the instructions creating one of the best perfumes in the world. And he called it Aeolia."

Dedicated to the whole Archipelago.

Olfactory family: amber, gourmand.

Head: bergamot, grapefruit, violet.
Heart: patchouli, raspberry, green apple.
Base: white musk, amber, vanilla.